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3 SEO tips for business growth

Apr 5, 2022 | Marketing best practices, SEO & SEM, Tips for small businesses

SEO is essential for business growth. In fact, what’s the benefit of investing loads of time and money into building an awesome website if your customers can’t find it? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility on search engines like Google or Bing.

Businesses with a strong and robust SEO strategy are more likely to be found by their customers on Google or other search engines. In fact, their website will rank higher in a customer’s search results when searching for products or services related to their sector. By building your website in the right way, creating great content and optimising your keywords, you’ll start to stand out in the ocean of content out there. Ultimately, you’ll drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales which is great news! 

Intrigued? Watch this video to learn our top 3 SEO tips for business growth. 

1. Incorporate great keywords in your copy, but don’t ‘overstuff’ your website. 

To ensure your website ranks high amongst customers’ search results, it’s important to optimise your content with the most relevant keywords. However, to do this effectively you’ll need a solid list of keywords or search queries that are regularly used in search engines by your potential customers. 

So, how do you get this list? You’ll need to do some keyword research. If you don’t know how to go about this, we’d recommend outsourcing this task! A few things to remember are… 

  • Your keywords must be relevant to your company niche and they should not be too difficult to rank for. 
  • You want to avoid keyword cannibalisation. This is when you target the same keywords on your different website pages. When this happens, search engines get confused about which web pages should rank highest for that keyword. This is not productive!
  • Don’t overstuff your copy with keywords as you’ll distort the meaning of your content and you’ll simply irritate your readers. Readability is your aim!

2. Create outstanding content that your ideal customer is looking for. 

Your objective is to create great content that will attract, inform and inspire your target audience. This will increase traffic to your website plus if your content is useful people will want to spend more time on your website. 

Why is this important? Longer browsing times are a signal to search engines that your website is valuable and credible. 

Now, to ensure your content is helpful to your audience, you need to come up with relevant topics. These topics need to be super useful. They need to solve their problem or entertain or inspire. To do this, you need a good keyword list!

This is why investing in Content Marketing is essential! Content marketing IS SEO. 

3. Prioritise your technical SEO.

Alongside your content, the technical aspects of your website also need to be optimised if you’d like your website to rank highly on search engines. Technical Search Engine Optimisation focuses on how well search engine spiders can crawl your website and index your content. 

People tend to neglect technical SEO, but this is fundamental to improving your rankings! 

3 essential points to remember are:

  • Your website must be responsive and mobile-friendly. You can read more in this interesting article.
  • The faster the search engine spiders can crawl your website the better! Speed is essential. 
  • It’s super important to perform regular SEO audits to check the ‘health’ of your website. Factors like page speed, load time and page size should be checked regularly! 

In conclusion.

So, these are our top 3 SEO tips for business growth. As a business owner or marketer, there are many things you need to focus on to ensure your business is visible to your target audience. One of them is certainly Search Engine Optimisation. If you don’t know where to start, we’d be happy to help.

In conclusion, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by SEO, always remember our 3 simple tips for success! Incorporate relevant keywords into your copy, create high-quality and useful content and ensure your website provides a good user experience. 

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