Transform your brand identity & messaging

A Saltoria Online Workshop

How would you describe your business in one sentence?

We’ll help you refine or refresh your brand identity and ensure you stand out against your competitors.

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Workshop summary

Learn how to refine your brand personality

  • We will work together to create a practical and fresh ‘verbal brand identity toolkit’ to use as a resource.
  • After the session you’ll receive a bank of messages to streamline all your future communications.
  • You’ll learn how to turn your customer pain points into solution-based messaging.

Your visual brand is very important, but your verbal brand is even more important! If you don’t know your vision, mission, values and USPs or if you think they need a refresh…this workshop is for you!

We’ll help you refine or refresh your brand identity and ensure you stand out against your competitors. After the session, we will provide you with a refined verbal brand toolkit to give you the confidence you need to talk about your brand and product/service.

Duration: 120 minutes

Cost: £680 + VAT (online only)

Please contact us directly for a bespoke quote for face-to-face sessions.

Workshop content

During our session, we’ll talk about your target audience and your competitors and what makes your current/future brand unique. We’ll then brainstorm ideas around your brand statement and values, and gather the info we need to refresh your brand messaging!

Your brand toolkit will include:

Brand statement & values

A new/fresh version of your brand vision, mission, purpose and values.

Marketing messaging

A new/fresh tagline and top 10 key messages to use in your marketing campaigns.

Unique selling points

Your customer pain points, how you address them, your USPs and key customer benefits. 

Tone of voice advice

Our top 7 tips on how to use your tone of voice in action.

Workshop outcomes & materials

Brand identity cheatsheet

For you to review before the workshop

Workshop slides

To keep track of what we’ve covered during the session


Verbal brand identity toolkit (delivered 1 week after the session)

A new resource (PDF) to enhance your marketing & comms

Brand identity review checklist

Is your brand identity reflected across all your marketing assets and channels?

Supportive reading resources

Additional insights to digest before & after the workshop

How does it work?

1. Buy your workshop

Simply click on the button below and complete your purchase. If you’d like to make payment in an alternative way, email us and we’ll sort this out.

After the purchase, you’ll be able to book in your session.

2. Book your session

We host our online workshops Mon-Fri (GMT / BST), from 9am to 5pm. Need an evening slot? We can be flexible and find a time to suit your schedule.

Remember to fill in our short questionnaire so that we can learn more about your needs!

3. Attend your online workshop

Your online session will be delivered by video call on Zoom / Skype directly with us. You’ll be able to ask questions throughout and we’ll show you examples as we go.

4. Make the most of your learnings!

A week after your session we will send you a comprehensive workshop summary for you to use in a real-life practical way. 

This is your toolkit to help you proceed and be accountable for your next steps.

5. Get 2 weeks ongoing support.

Remember you have access to complimentary call support for 2 weeks after the workshop.

You’ll be able to call us (within a 15min time frame per conversation) if you have any quick or ad-hoc queries relating to the workshop content.

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