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We support business owners and marketing teams to feel good about their marketing 

Why choose Sally and Saltoria Marketing

Sally is an outstanding marketing leader and has over 15 years of experience in various marketing roles and is a generalist by trade. Her passion and expertise lie in:

  • Redefining or refreshing brand identities and tone of voice
  • Creating outstanding content strategies
  • Coaching and mentoring professionals to be better at creating new content for themselves

Whenever you work with Saltoria, Sally our Director will always be your first point of contact. Sally collaborates with her talented team of specialist freelancers and consultants when required – many of whom she’s worked with for many years. This means she can be very agile and flexible and create bespoke and dedicated teams when clients need extra support.

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What inspires us

Sally (our Director) loves working with small and medium businesses that do good in the world and/or are creative in some way! She loves clients that are keen to see positive change and have fun with their approach to business. She really loves supporting business owners and teams to challenge themselves and embrace the benefits of marketing.

Previous clients have included a range of service-based businesses from accountants and coaches to videographers and photographers. We also regularly work with education companies, learning and development organisations, universities, student accommodation providers and charities. Sally enjoys working with diverse and dynamic companies across difference sectors and bringing new insights to her clients from sectors they wouldn’t usually expect to learn from. 

Our story

Saltoria Marketing was created in July 2020 by Co-Founders Sally Day and Vittoria Casuscelli
(Sal + toria = Saltoria!).

Sally and Vittoria spent 3 or so years working together in an in-house marketing team for a student accommodation company. In Summer 2020 they were unfortunately made redundant due to the company being purchased by a competitor which led to their whole head office being removed.

Sally and Vittoria loved working together and realised they had a unique bond, they were great friends and great co-workers. With Sally being a generalist marketer and Vittoria a digital specialist it meant they could pretty much cover the skill set of an average marketing team. Sally and Vittoria decided rather than getting new jobs at the height of the pandemic, they would start their own company and embrace the weird times by offering small and medium businesses remote support as a ‘virtual marketing team’. Throughout the summer of 2020, they worked hard to create a vibrant brand, build their network and refine their positioning and in November 2020 Saltoria Marketing became a Limited Company!

The next 3 years were a whirlwind of experimentation, creativity, strategic thinking and a lot of stress – but also a lot of fun and a lot of achievements. They generated revenue for the business in approximately 6 months since incorporation. They worked with a vast variety of clients on more than 30 digital marketing projects in the first 2-years and increased sales by 140% in 2022 thanks to an effective pricing and customer acquisition strategy.

Towards the end of 2022, Vittoria decided to move back to Italy and consequently, the team was faced with many new challenges with the company being managed in two countries in the world of Brexit (plus the impending cost-of-living crisis). In the end, Sally and Vittoria decided to amicably part ways, with Vittoria open to new career opportunities in Milan and Sally ready to take on the new challenge of solo business ownership. Vittoria still supports Sally from afar and gives her regular reassurance and inspiration and they remain the greatest of friends.

Sally has now repositioned the business to focus more on brand strategy, content and workshops (see our all new services section!). Sally continues to remain positive in terms of evolving and growing the business and is always open to conversations about partnerships and collaborations. 


We can work with you on one-off projects or on a retainer basis. We are your on/off resource and you can change your mind anytime!


We listen and learn from you and pride ourselves on our exceptional approach to collaborative working. We are an extension to your team!


We create bespoke teams for each project, meaning you get the expert support you need when required – always led by Sally.

‘Working with Saltoria has been a great experience. They have acted as an extension of our marketing team and have driven our social and content output forwards demonstrably. Sally and Vittoria’s commitment, drive and creativity is ever present. It is a pleasure to work alongside them.’

Sam Richards
Digital Marketing Specialist,
City & Guilds Group | Kineo

‘We worked with Saltoria when reviewing our brand positioning and messaging. They are extremely diligent, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their clear advice, whether focused on the big picture or small details, has been a great help to our overall direction and growth over the past two years. We would whole heartedly recommend their services to other SMEs looking to enhance their identity or indeed create a campaign from scratch.’

Ben Sheriff
Producer and Director, Spellbinder Productions

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