Our online marketing courses & workshops

Individual or team virtual sessions tailored to your business.

Do you need to learn about how to market your business? Do you want to learn more about digital marketing? Do you need support with marketing ideas and marketing techniques? Or do you simply need some inspiration and an external helping-hand to facilitate this? 

We’re here to guide you (in our Plain-English way) with becoming more confident and empowered. We’re also here to give you practical marketing tips to move forward.

Our mission is to support small to medium businesses and charities in acquiring and retaining customers through simple, effective and affordable marketing strategies and tactics.

How it works:

  1. Choose from our range of online marketing courses and workshops. Want something bespoke? Then get in touch to discuss!
  2. Choose who you want to attend. The online sessions can be with just you, your team or even your wider organisation. 
  3. Book a date. We can schedule a time outside Mon-Fri 9-5 if needed. Just let us know!
  4. Next, fill in our short questionnaire so that we can learn more about your needs. 
  5. Attend your online course or workshop!
  6. You’ll receive a full summary + supportive materials one week after the session.  

    Choose your online marketing courses & workshops:

    Create your own Marketing plan

    How do you know what type of marketing is suitable for your brand? How do you let your potential customers know what your business offers? 

    Every business should have a marketing plan in place, no matter how small, large or complex you are (or how big your budget is!).

    During the workshop, we’ll help you map out your marketing priorities and draft a plan that works for you. 

    Enhance your Social Media calendar

    Creating compelling Social Media content can be a very time-consuming process.

    With a simple structure, a good framework and a few (free) tools to help you out, you can create your Social Media content for the whole month in just a few hours.

    This workshop will show you the way and share our tips around efficient Social Media planning. 

    Transform your brand identity & messaging

    Your visual brand is very important, but your verbal brand is even more important!

    Do you know your vision, mission, values and USPs yet? What message do you use to engage with your potential customers? Can you describe your tone of voice?

    In this workshop we’ll help you refine or refresh your brand identity and ensure you stand out against your competitors.

    Do you need a bespoke workshop?

    Some of our clients have very specific needs. We’re always keen to be as flexible as we can be and create workshops that are tailored to you and your team. Maybe you need us to host a staff development session about customer insights? Or you need us to facilitate a creative brainstorming workshop about your next campaign? Or you just have something specific in mind! We’re here for you!

    We’d love to listen to your requirements and create something that’s unique to you and your organisation.

    Get in touch today to discuss your bespoke workshop session.

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