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Customer acquisition: creative ways to generate new business in the times of Covid (and beyond)

Aug 10, 2020 | Marketing best practices, Tips for small businesses

In a survey we did in November 2020, we asked marketers in our network what their biggest marketing challenge was at that time. 40% said “customer acquisition”.

Many brands have realised that they have an incredibly loyal fanbase and an amazing community. However, the struggle is to make sales beyond this group in the current climate. We know that customers are spending more time online now and their research period is longer. In fact, this is an unmissable opportunity for marketers. Now is the time to be smart and creative with your campaigns and to be bold with your messaging.

We have rounded up our top 5 tips to inspire you with acquiring new customers…

1. Focusing your message.

Can you make your message relevant to the current climate? Does your product or service help solve a problem for people right now? Can you make it clear on your website what is and isn’t available right now? For example, a furniture shop could showcase new pieces to enhance the home office, an Accountant could pitch their services to new audiences now many people are saving money or a Plumber could prioritise messaging around safety and efficiency.  

2. Repositioning your product or service.

It may be time to think about your product or service from a different angle. You may have to adapt your offer due to the current safety restrictions. This could involve some very smart and creative thinking. For example, a small bakery could offer a new home delivery service with rewards for loyalty, a face-to-face coach could offer group virtual sessions. Or again, a video production company could record remotely through new technology. 

3. Online networking.

We are big advocates for the power of networking and connecting with people. Word of mouth and recommendations are often seen as ‘old school’ and neglected as credible methods due to the trickiness around tracking. In fact, we believe networking is essential for charities and small businesses. With face-to-face opportunities currently out of reach, now is the time to build your online community. For example, get involved with Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and ask questions in lunchtime webinars. Send people personalised messages, comment on posts and engage with your community.

4. Exploring Paid Social campaigns.

More people are engaging with social channels and for longer than ever before.

Active social media users have now passed the 3.8 billion mark.

@Smart Insights

If you want to do a creative online campaign then social is the space to be doing it right now. If you haven’t done this before then we can help guide you through this process or we can create your first campaign from scratch. 

5. Flash sales and incentives

People are surrounded with noise right now and online purchases have sky-rocketed. You not only need to stand out with distinctive messaging, but you need to be offering a good deal. Add some hype to your price by offering a refer a friend offer or a limited offer price. Often these offers won’t break your sales budget but will act as a key hook when intriguing and obtaining new customers.

If you’re stuck for ideas, book a FREE consultation with us and we can help brainstorm new offers. 


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