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7 email marketing tips to increase sales

Mar 17, 2022 | Content Marketing, Marketing best practices, Tips for small businesses

Are you on the lookout for email marketing tips to increase sales? Then look no further, you’ve landed on the right page.

Email marketing is often not given enough credit or attention in the world of marketing. It may not be the newest or coolest tactic out there, but it can bring incredible and surprising results for many brands. It is also a really affordable and direct way to captivate customers and get them to purchase your service or product. 

Ready? Watch our latest video summarising our favourite email marketing tips (or reminders!) for creating successful campaigns…

Don’t leave your subject line to the last minute!

It’s important not to rush the creation of your subject line. This is probably the main reason that your customer is intrigued enough to open your email. 

Your customers receive 100s of emails a day and there are many other brands competing for their time with playful, fun, relevant and captivating subject lines. Make sure your subject lines fit in with your brand tone of voice – but don’t forget to be fun and engaging. 

If you’re feeling brave it might also be cool to do some A/B testing with subject lines to see which one performs better. This is a great way to instantly see what works or doesn’t work.

Our top 4 email marketing tips for creating a good subject line are:

  1. Personalisation – can you use their first name?
  2. Make it short and concise! 7-10 words and max 40 characters.
  3. Add numbers or an emoji for visual appeal and scannability
  4. Benefit led language. How are you solving the customer’s problem?

Remember to make the most of the preview text

Have you ever had an email notification on your phone during a meeting or a conversation you should be listening to and seen the first line of the email and been compelled to open it? This is the preview text. This can be seen as a notification pop up or simply viewed in a customer’s inbox before they open it. 

Out of all the email marketing tips we can give you, this is probably the most important one. In fact, this is another golden opportunity to entice and influence the reader. Think of this as supportive text to your subject line. Be as creative and as playful as you can!

Our top 3 tips for creating great preview text are:

It should be complimentary to your subject line.

Alongside your subject line, ensure you explain what and why the customer should open your email  (e.g. what is the offer, why it’s important/valuable, how you can get it).

Keep it within 90 characters. 

Want to learn more? Check out Campain Monitor’s article: How to Write Better Preheader Text in Your Next Email Marketing Campaign.

Use movement to your advantage

Everyone receives many emails every day. You need yours to be as interesting as possible. Many customers will be scrolling whilst doing something else and you need to grab their attention quickly before they move on. 

We encourage you to experiment with embedding gifs into your emails (which you can easily create on Canva if you’ve never created them before!). 

We also suggest you embed videos to engage and excite your audience as much as possible. 

Be concise!

This is an obvious tip, but it’s an easy one to forget! This is especially relevant when you create newsletters. It’s all too easy to think you have to summarise everything you’ve done since your last newsletter. You really don’t! Your aim is to get people to your website to browse. 

Create short, catchy and informative descriptions to get customers to view your content. Make sure your call-to-actions are descriptive but create curiosity.

Emails are teaser content to urge your customer to find out more. Ideally about 200 words is good! This feels short, but we promise you’ll see better results with less text.

Analyse your data and use this to improve your campaigns

Sure, there’s so much data to look into after you release your emails campaign. But, this data is super useful and it’s great to compare month on month. 

How many people are opening your emails compared to how many people are clicking? What are your most popular stories/links? How many unsubscribes have you had? And how can you build an even stronger email next time? Use the data to inform your decisions and try to set goals for improving month on month.

Be brave and try automation

The word ‘automation’ may feel scary for some, but there are ways it can truly transform your email marketing approach. Using off-the-shelf products like Mail Chimp you can fairly easily build a customer journey where automation is utilised. 

For example, can you send a thank you email with a great offer when customers subscribe to your newsletter? If you’re a subscription-based business maybe you can send automated reminder emails when customers may need to renew? 

Or maybe you can send sales emails to customers when they’ve abandoned their shopping cart? There are so many opportunities with this and we encourage you to explore this function! 

Embrace the power of follow up emails

We really believe that email marketing is a powerful engagement tool. Emails are a great way to show you care and you’ve listened to your customers. 

Examples could be as simple as sending a charming thank you email after an event. This could include a link to a freebie or exclusive content; or an invite to another exclusive event. Maybe you can set up regular sales emails every 6 months to recent and past customers. 

This is a great way to introduce a refer-a-friend deal for example. Or maybe you can send a round up of similar products/services a week or so after customers have purchased from you. After you’ve had an important interaction (or purchase!) with the customer it’s really great to try to keep the conversation going and keep your brand at the forefront of their mind.   

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