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Top 5 marketing tips for when your target audience is ‘everyone’

Jun 18, 2021 | Marketing best practices, Tips for small businesses

One of the most common challenges for many businesses is how do you create a marketing plan when your target audience could be everyone? In this video, we talk you through 5 top tips for marketing your business when your audience is very broad.

As marketers, we often talk about ‘segmented audiences’ but this can be an overwhelming concept for both marketers and non-marketers. Also, if your target audience truly could be everyone then this is a tricky task! 

Here are our top 5 tips for how to begin tackling this very common challenge!

1. Create personas for your brand

So, you’ve got a product or service that you’re super proud of and it has mass appeal. This is brilliant! But, you need to start somewhere. In marketing, we talk a lot about personas and this may feel like jargon to outsiders, but it is a really useful way to help you target your audience. Start by thinking about your customers in a strategic way. 

What are marketing personas?

Marketing personas are the foundation for building a strong marketing strategy. They help you identify your audience segments and define: 

  • What message will appeal to your target market (and how to address their needs)?
  • Where you should reach your audience to build awareness and drive them to your website?
  • What information you should include in your content marketing strategy?
  • How you should talk to your audience across your marketing channels?

Why are marketing personas useful?

Personas are a great tool to help you visualise the individual customer using your product or service and therefore help you effectively target that individual and get into their shoes. They help you understand and empathise with their needs, experiences, behaviours and goals. And it’ll help you begin to categorise your audience into a few different segments rather than one big one!

By analysing things like demographics, spend levels and engagement with your brand you’ll begin to create characters that are typical customers for your brand. We recommend 5 or so personas to help you shape your new audience categories. If you need help with defining your personas then do get in touch with us! 

2. Define your priority customer 

Identify your priority customer group and then create an outstanding campaign just for them. They will become your brand cheerleaders and they will hopefully shout about your great product or service. Use their feedback and learn from their engagement to improve your approach for your next key audience! 

For example, Saltoria Marketing doesn’t specialise in a set sector so our target audience is super broad. When we first started we prioritised the sectors where we had the most experience. This meant we could get settled and build our confidence in an already familiar market. Now our formula and services are streamlined we are really confident and passionate about working with brand new sectors and a diverse range of businesses. 

3. Research your competitors and learn from them

Always look at what your competitors are doing right now. It’s essential that you know what your customers are comparing your brand to when they are making their purchasing decisions.

If your audience is truly ‘everyone’, then you’re most likely in a crowded market as businesses know they can make money in this area. This means you need to stand out of the crowd and be at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

When researching your competitors or the brands you admire think about the following:

  • Do you offer something unique? If not, is your brand or approach unique?
  • Is your marketing compelling and exciting? 

How can you make the customer experience unforgettable for your customers?

You can learn more about how to conduct a good competitive analysis in this interesting article by Hubspot.

4. Next…ensure you analyse your data!

When you have a product with mass appeal, it’s all too easy to assume that you will always have customers. Don’t get complacent though! It’s important to listen to customer feedback AND analyse the data so that you are challenging assumptions and learning as much as you can about your audience.

We recommend:

  1. You ask for customer feedback regularly through surveys and during customer service conversations.
  1. You analyse your website audience regularly. We use Google Analytics, but any other website analytics platform will do. We can help if you need advice in this area!
  1. You pay attention to social media engagement. How are your customers responding to your marketing campaigns? What works best? What doesn’t work? 

5. Develop services/products for one of your audiences

The fact that you’ve created a product or service that is appealing to a broad audience is really great! This will hopefully mean you’ll always have a strong customer base and a reliable business model. 

Now it’s time to think about diversifying your product or service so that you start targeting your audience segments. This will help you grow as a company and it’ll show that you’re really listening and caring about your customers. Which will mean repeat custom!

For example, we created a range of short workshops and courses that are more suitable for small businesses than medium to large companies. We listened to their needs and feedback and realised this ‘bite-size’ approach worked really well for their budget and their flexible approach to growth. 

There you go! That’s our 5 top tips to explore when your audience is everyone. If you’ve liked this video, please like it – leave your comments below and shout about it! 

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