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7 marketing techniques for attracting customers in 2022

May 5, 2022 | Content Marketing, Marketing best practices, Tips for small businesses

In our latest video all about 2022 marketing techniques, we share some of our recent and most relevant tips for attracting customers in 2022.

Do you need some inspiration with fresh marketing techniques? Watch our video to find out more…

DIY Smartphone video content

The pandemic taught us many things – but mainly it taught us that it’s okay to be ourselves. Plus, people love to find out more about the people behind a brand. Of course, there’s always going to be a place for super polished and streamlined video content – however, there’s also now a place for quick and rough video content created by you and your team. What you say, how you say it and how you’re adding to a conversation are essential. This is perfect informative or inspirational content for your social channels. I’m filming this video entirely on my own – do you think this is less credible? Be bold and brave and experiment with your own DIY video content. Check out our recent video ’16 hacks for self-recording videos with a smartphone’ to get some more top tips!

Lead magnets

People do something for nothing anymore. If you want to obtain your potential customers’ details then you need to give them something useful in return. Can you create an exciting and specific downloadable guide for your customers to download as a result of sharing their email with you? Other ideas include impact reports, research summaries or exclusive interview content. Be creative and give your customers something truly valuable in exchange for their valuable data.


Webinars are still a neat, affordable and easy way of captivating an audience anywhere in the world about a specific topic. You can be creative with the format – why not host a panel question and answer session, host an online workshop or run short lunchtime sessions every month. Make sure your topic is adding value for the audience and they are able to learn something new or at least be inspired in some way.

Refer a friend offers

This is an old favourite of ours. Referral programmes are great but sometimes brands make them too complex or too exclusive. Make yours as simple as possible so you get the best return. A refer a friend offer is a great way to encourage word of mouth and to reward your loyal customers.

Social Media polls

Try to create content on your social media channels that engages and involves your customers. They want to feel like they’re on this journey with you and that they have some influence on the brand. Use the tools within your social media platforms to your advantage e.g. this or that Instagram stories or LinkedIn polls. This handy article from HubSpot gives you some great tips about Instagram polls if you’re unfamiliar.

Thoughtful blog posts

Can you create more compelling content that is purposeful and meaningful to your customers? There are many important issues affecting the world right now and it’s important for you as a brand to be relevant where possible. Choose the challenges that are affecting your customers and create content to support them. For example, we understand many small businesses may have less marketing budget at the moment – so a lot of our content is based around affordable and creative tactics. We are both empathetic and practical.


The word ‘storytelling’ has almost transformed into a marketing buzzword in 2022. However, it’s always essential to remember that stories are so powerful. Use real people as much as you can throughout your content. Let your customers share their stories. Also, share your brand story to bring your products or services to life. And create a new story for the future. Try your best to intertwine how you’re solving your customers’ problems into your story. Be open, brave and as authentic as you can be. Customers need more soul per buck now than ever before.


We hope this short list of 7 marketing techniques for attracting customers has inspired you with your current and future marketing campaigns. There are so many ways to engage customers online and in real life in 2022. We are here to support you if you’d like to chat through ideas or options for your future campaigns. Simple book in a free consultation today!


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