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Why marketing shouldn’t just be about making money

Dec 1, 2021 | Branding, Marketing best practices, Tips for small businesses

Generating revenue is essential for every business. However, should making money be the only focus of your marketing strategy? Here’s our opinion…

Marketing teams vs. Sales teams

In our opinion, your Marketing and Sales team have 2 very different missions: 

  • Your Marketing team’s goal is to build a strong and unique brand with its own identity and personality, so that it stands out from your competitors. The team will then identify, find and target prospective customers who need your product or service. They will do this through various creative marketing tactics. 
  • Your sales team comes into play once the connection is established. They’ll nurture the relationship with your prospective customers and do their best to convert them into buying customers or clients. This can be through many ways like dedicated conversations, emails and incentives. 

Making money through marketing is a short-term goal that takes the focus off of everything necessary to build a thriving business! 

So, if marketing is not just about making money – what role do Marketers play in your business?

  1. Well, for starters, understanding your customers inside and out. Marketers should always listen to their customer needs and run frequent customer and market research to keep marketing personas up to date. 
  2. Secondly, defining and managing the brand and its identity and personality. 
  3. Thirdly, creating and telling the brand story through content creation. Keeping the brand ‘story’ relevant and alive is not as simple as it seems!
  4. Distributing content across the many marketing channels (starting from the website, the business social media channels, email marketing and more). 
  5. Last but not least, creating a connection with target audiences and building thriving online communities. 


By focusing on these 5 key factors (and more) the Marketing team actively strengthens the brand for long-term success and customer retention. 

Brand reputation is enhanced, customer loyalty grows and the community creates more and more buzz about the product or service you’re looking to promote. These are all important factors that will eventually lead to those all-important sales. 

There you go! These are just 5 areas that a marketing team can focus on for your organisation. Head to our blog for more marketing tips and best practices.

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